Gan Zhang, Ph.D.

Weather Analyst

Ph.D. Advisor: Dr. Zhuo Wang

I embarked on a new adventure in 2020 by moving from Princeton / GFDL to Citadel. While exploring the dynamics between weather-climate science and finance-energy industry, I am interested in continuing contributing to scientific endeavors via collaborative and volunteer activities.

My academic research aims to improve the predictions of high-impact phenomena (e.g., hurricanes and midlatitude cyclones). As a dynamist studying both weather and climate, I am particularly interested in bridging the gap between theoretical research and applied research on geophysical fluid dynamics.

Much of my recent research is to explore how cyclone activity is affected by 1) the coupled atmosphere–ocean-land variability, 2) the large-scale atmospheric circulation, and 3) the tropical–extratropical interactions. I tackle these questions using climate re-analyses, satellite products, and models that span a spectrum of complexity (“model hierarchies”).

When working with high-volume data, I love crafting tools and testing ideas using NCL and Python. Beyond my research, I enjoy playing volleyball games and embarking on hiking trips and museum tours.

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